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22. March 2012 20:54
by Administrator

Content first approach to Mobile first approach to...

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I recently read an article that covers the emerging paradigm of responsive web and the mobile first approach. What I really took from this was the content strategy used in designing digital experiences often neglects determining the importance of individual pieces of content. Prioritizing this content goes a long way to defining your entire web experience.

The mobile first approach considers that your smallest medium of information consumption in today’s world is through mobile devices, iPhone + Android, etc. Taking this approach means your screen real-estate needs to be better utilized by providing only the most important content for the user within the smallest viewport.

The reason this really translates well into web design as a whole, is that traditionally designers have faced a desktop screen approach to fitting in all relevant information, instead of narrowing down each content elements’ importance. Not only does this focus help drive the web design, but really helps organizations understand their own internal content hierarchy and how it affects their customers.

Using content as your driving user relevance benchmark, it's becomes  apparent as to where the focus should be and as you scale up your content you can see the priority of content unfolding to fit the canvas, with your central focal point always being around the most relevant user content.

Checkout this great article and critique of the Starbucks new responsive web website by Sara Wachter-Boettcher




9. August 2011 21:58
by clinton

10 Year Old presents app hack at Defcon

9. August 2011 21:58 by clinton | 27 Comments

Information Security Wordle: RFC2196 - Site Se...

Image by purpleslog via Flickr

We still live in an age where security is too much an afterthought, it doesn't *sparkle* enough – but lack thereof quickly removes any product sheen you ever had when exposed.

Inspiring to see young minds challenging the status-quo in Information Security, like this young girl at Defcon19.


PcWorld -10yr old outs security flaw


This is only a game break  - the scary thing is, you’ll never even hear of the majority of security breaches your Government and Banks experience on a daily basis.

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